Call for Papers – Rotorcraft Structures and Survivability Technical Specialists’ Meeting, October 27 – 28, 2021, Theme – “Innovative Structures and Survivability Solutions for Vertical Lift”

The theme for the two day conference is “Innovative Structures and Survivability Solutions for Vertical Lift.” The meeting will consist of unclassified, unrestricted presentations to be held in person at the Hampton Roads Convention Center, Hampton Virginia. In case of unexpectedly prolonged COVID restrictions, the conference will be moved to a virtual format. The meeting will highlight research and development efforts, both current and planned, related to manned and unmanned rotorcraft structures, crash safety, and vulnerability reduction. Lodging is available at the adjoining Embassy Suites by Hilton Hampton Roads.

For information about topics, dates and how to submit proposed papers click here.

2021 Scholarships Announced

The Hampton Roads Chapter (HRC) of the Vertical Flight Society International (VFS) annually awards scholarships that recognize and assist high school seniors who wish to pursue a college education leading to a career in STEM-related fields such as engineering, physics, mathematics or computer science. This year three one-time $1000 scholarships were awarded to qualified students who reside in the region of the Chapter that includes the entire state of Virginia excepting the Northern Virginia / Washington D.C. area.  The program is administered by Dr. James Stephenson, VFS-HRC Education Director

The Robert Powell Scholarship

The Robert Powell Scholarship was established to honor the long time treasurer of the Hampton Roads Chapter whose stewardship of the chapter’s financial assets has enabled the chapter’s STEM outreach program, including its scholarship fund. The 2021 Robert Powell scholarship has been awarded to Marcus Dupart, the son of Sherri and Marcus Dupart Sr. Marcus attends a Suffolk City Public School and is an exemplary scholar and leader. He has earned an excellent SAT score to complement his impressive International Baccalaureate course load, while also continuing to work and volunteer. This impressive work ethic and documented perseverance has earned Marcus the Robert Powell Scholarship for 2021. Marcus plans to pursue a degree in Material Science from the University of Virginia.

The Christopher Gavora Scholarship

The Christopher Gavora Scholarship was established to honor the son of COL William Gavora, former Commander of the Aviation Applied Technology Directorate.  Chris was killed in a tragic high school baseball practice accident shortly after his family relocated from Hampton Roads to Texas.  The 2021 Christopher Gavora Scholarship has been awarded to Alyssa Cirrincione, a student in the Newport News Public School system.  Alyssa, the daughter of Valerie and Brian Butcher, is a proven scholar and school leader. As class vice president, Alyssa has proven her leadership and been involved in multiple volunteer efforts, while maintaining exemplary grades and scoring very well on the SAT. Alyssa plans to pursue a degree in Math or Biology from Washington and Lee University.

STEM Scholarship

This year, the VFS-HRC is proud to support an additional scholarship made available as a silver lining of the coronavirus pandemic. The 2021 STEM Scholarship has been awarded to Lane Strahan, son of Meredith and Eric Strahan, a student from the Chesapeake Public School system. Lane has a stellar academic resume, which includes high grades, exceptional SAT scores, and participation in multiple STEM related extracurricular events. Lane is the Tidewater Regional President for the Technology Student Association and volunteers as a reading buddy to young elementary students. Lane plans to pursue a degree in Biomedical Engineering at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Vertiflite – A Great Reason to Join VFS

There is probably more going on in the vertical flight arena today than any time in the last forty to fifty years. Even if you work in a highly specialized field, you need to know what is happening throughout the arena. Vertiflite Magazine is your go to resource.  Read it from cover to cover. Vertiflite is published bimonthly by the Vertical Flight Society and is delivered free to dues-current members.  Please don’t make the mistake of thinking that you are a member who just hasn’t gotten around to paying dues. There is no such thing. Join VFS on line at vtol.org and get in line for Vertiflite’s next great issue.