Propulsion and Power Technical Meeting  October 29-30, 2019 | Hampton, Virginia

The theme of the 2-day conference is “Powering the Future of Vertical Flight”, which will highlight research and development efforts, both current and planned, related to manned and unmanned rotorcraft and other vertical flight vehicles. The meeting will consist of unclassified, unrestricted presentations and will be held at the Hampton Roads Convention Center in Virginia. Hotel lodging is available next door at the Embassy Suites Hampton Convention Center.

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Keynote address – Future Vertical Lift Propulsion Systems & Associated S&T Challenges.
by Dr. Kenneth Suder

Dr. Suder joined NASA Glenn in 1983 with a Ph.D. degree in Mechanical Engineering from Case Western Reserve University.  His expertise includes computational and experimental research in multistage turbomachinery for advanced air breathing propulsion systems.  He has held several key positions for propulsion research within NASA, including hypersonic Mach 3-4 turbine engine development and advanced subsonic transport propulsion research for combustor, propulsor and core turbomachinery. For the last 5 years,  Ken served as the Chief of the Turbomachinery and Turboelectric Systems Branch and he was the primary propulsion lead for the Revolutionary Vertical Lift Technology project, where he was the NASA point of contact for the joint NASA/Army/ industry AVSPOT advanced engine research activity.  Dr. Suder recently has been selected as the NASA Senior Technologist for  Airbreathing Propulsion at NASA Glenn Research Center. 

Dr. Suder is an ASME Fellow and he was recently awarded the prestigious 2019 ASME International Gas Turbine Institute (IGTI) Scholar Award. 

Seeking HRC Leadership Talent!

Open positions for Hampton Roads Chapter Officers

The Hampton Roads Chapter of the Vertical Flight Society is looking to fill out its Board of Representatives. The list of open positions is below, all dues-current members who are interested should respond to Mat Thomas (ahs.hrc.vp@gmail.com) or any other member of the board (contact details at https://vtol.org/who-we-are/our-chapters/chapter-officers2). As you can see, the board has been short staffed for a while, so we are looking to remedy that to continue to provide excellent conferences and feasts for the membership. The board has a lot of leeway to decide how to spend chapter funds and how to engage the local area with helicopter technology. If you have any good ideas or suggestions, then joining the board is a great way to turn those ideas into reality!  Chapter board meetings are held monthly from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. on the first Wednesday of each month unless otherwise arranged.

Robert L. Lichten Award
VFS Southeast Region Competition Update

The Robert L. Lichten Award is presented annually for the best technical presentation by a VFS member who has not previously  presented at the Forum or regional technical meetings.  The competition is carried out first at the regional level with the regional winners traveling to the Annual Forum for final presentations. The chapters in the Southeast Region include: Aberdeen Proving Ground; Cherry Point; Federal City; Hampton Roads; and Patuxent River. Two abstracts were received.  The regional competition was conducted  January 22, 2019,  at the York County, Virginia,  location of Karem Aircraft.  Ms. Emily Fisher from the University of Maryland was judged to be the regional representative after her presentation entitled “Fundamental Characterization of Lithium Sulfur Batteries for Electric Aviation.”  The paper was presented at the Forum  held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. May 13 -16, 2019.  

Emily Fiisher congratulated by Southeastern Regional Vice President Susan Gorton

2019 Tidewater Science & Engineering Fair

As it has for many years in the past, this year the VFS Hampton Roads Chapter presented multiple special awards at the Tidewater Science & Engineering Fair. The Junior Division (Middle School) award winners received $200 for first place, and $150 for second place. The Senior Division (High School) award winners received $250 for first place, and $200 for second place. These awards are given to the students with the best projects supporting “the multidisciplinary fields of vertical flight, traditional rotorcraft platforms disciplines, and related support industries.”  The winners were judged to be the best versed with their work and performed the most unique experiments. Their teachers have also received a $100 award for supporting the STEM community, and leading their students to these great achievements.

The Junior Division first place award winner was Michelle Hu for her work on object detection and classification in visually similar and dissimilar backgrounds. Michelle used an open source object classification program to detect colored spheres on colored paper. The second place award winner was Nolan McBride, who investigated the sound absorption properties of various insulation materials to reduce noise transmission.

The Senior Division first place award winner was Peneeta Wojcik for her work studying the effects of cobalt nitrate thickness on the efficiency of an electrochemical cell. Her work showed a thicker cobalt nitrate layer deposited on top of a nickel substrate, allowed for an increased efficiency in separating hydrogen atoms from water. This work helps to enable future hydrogen fuel cell technologies. Second place award winner in the senior division was Bharath Kashyap who investigated wind turbine blade shapes on achievable power output. He kept a constant angle of attack, surface area, and airfoil, changing only the planform shape to determine the most efficient turbine for his wind conditions.

The awards were presented by the Chapter’s Education Director Dr. James Stephenson.